Revenue Growth

Sales Growth Strategy

Review Sales Strategy by applying methodology like Hoshin Kanri focusing on top 3 years breakthrough goals.

Boost Conversion

Identification of key opportunities and develop concrete steps to win the deal by overcoming identified hurdles.

White Spots analysis Upsell

Identify value added scope for existing projects and increase client’s stickiness with upsells and organic growth.

White Spots analysis M&A

Identify inorganic value-added scope to increase market presence or portfolio to extend offering to customers.

Cash Collection speed up

Cash Discipline

Improve Discipline in Cash Collection for customers and suppliers by creating specific governance and incentive scheme across units.

Margin & Profit improvement

Bottom Projects

Proactively addressing loss making project by reviewing contractual terms, cost’s structure, root cause analysis and client engagement.

Long Tail Customers

Define clear strategy for long tail customers based on contribution in terms of long-term value, revenue, conditions, and margin.

Contract performance and discipline

Keep discipline in delivering projects at expected cost and margin by challenging status-quo and defining improvement measures.

Portfolio Mix optimization

Review of the ideal portfolio sales mix to increase profitability and drive termination if needed.

Sourcing Strategy

Review suppliers base and consolidate purchases to maximize value by focusing on TCO and terms and conditions.

Process optimization

Explore Business Process Outsourcing opportunities including Digitalization, Transformation and fighting waste (Kaizen).

Organizational Health


Application of Zero-Based, Make or Buy and Lean approach to reduce cost and headcount in central, regional and support functions.

Moo and Governance

Focus on progress against plan and introduce a High-Performance culture and accountability with clear Limit of authority.

Cybersecurity Gaps

Assessment of cyber risks and gap analysis to improve data protection and compliance to avoid loss of company value.

Cybersecurity Solutioning

Elaborate mitigation solutions by managing network of key players in the cybersecurity industry in Israel and other countries.

Cybersecurity awareness

Cybersecurity awareness training for employees to make them aware on how their actions can reduce attack risks.

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