At JP consulting we look for your success by consulting you in the definition of the turnaround plan, by coaching you in the execution of it and by enabling your employees to become high performers.

JP Consulting has been founded with the objective to help small and medium size companies to get access on expertise in consulting but also in execution of turnaround projects focusing on:

Operational efficiency

Financial performance


what makes us different


What differentiates us is people and the network of experts we will engage on our project to make your company successful. All have an extensive experience and track records in the different domains offered.

And by the way, we base our offering on success and not purely on consulting fee, we are not hesitating to have skin in the game when it comes to execute a plan in a real partnership mode by sharing efforts and returns.

our Methodology

Our track proven methodology developed by our Partners is the result of more than 30 engagements and all of this is now accessible for you, for your Success.

The JP Methodology is based on 8 clear steps and focusing on high-performance and clear plans. We will coach your employees during the engagement and execution to clearly understand:

If you desire more information about our 8 steps methodology don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Benefits to work with us

Access to a large network of expertise in Revenue, Cash, Margin, Profits and organizational Health incl Cybersecurity

Competitive consulting fee model based on Fix and Success fee tailored for the small and medium size companies

On top of the operational and financial benefits, we will coach you employee during the engagement to become High-Performers by being accountable, disciplined and understanding the level of emergency when it comes to changes

Track proven methodology developed and applied more than 30 times across the globe by our partners during their large careers in international and national corporations

Consulting is not enough; we have skin in the game as well when it comes to execute the prosed plan

our services

JP Consulting can help you in the following areas with field proven approaches:

Revenue Growth

Sales Growth Strategy | Boost Conversion | White Spots analysis Upsell | White Spots analysis M&A

Cash Collection Speed Up

Cash Discipline

Margin & Profit Improvement

Bottom Projects | Long Tail Customers | Contract performance and discipline | Portfolio Mix optimization | Sourcing Strategy | Process optimization

Organizational Health

Overhead | Moo and Governance Cybersecurity Gaps | Cybersecurity Solutioning | Cybersecurity awareness

We want to make you successful

we are your Turnaround Partner





Francisco Canos